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Barbecue is one of the most popular social events. But do you know how far its history goes? It could be said that manki..

Barbecue is one of the most popular social events. But do you know how far its history goes? It could be said that manki...
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Barbecue is one of the most popular social events. But do you know how far its history goes? It could be said that mankind has been enjoying barbecue since the discovery of fire. However, grilling as we know it today is a novelty.

During a discovery trip in 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered the island of Haiti, which was inhabited by the Arawak tribe. This strain used a tool called barbacoa to prepare meat, it could be said that it is the predecessor of the first grill. Barbacoa resembled a frame or grid, and the Indians used it to smoke meat. The Spaniards settled on the island and established the first Spanish settlement in America, and Christopher Columbus named the island La Isla Española (Spanish Island).

The original inhabitants of Haiti naturally did not like the arrival of the colonizers and responded with a wave of resentment. Bartholomew Columbus, the brother of the famous discoverer, declared Haiti an official Spanish colony and involved the Indians in a strict system of slavery. The Spaniards exterminated the Arawak people through hard work and introduced diseases and took over many of the progressive inventions of the Indian tribe. One of the tools was also barbacoa, which they began to use to prepare meat and fish. The word barbacoa was used by the Spaniards to refer to a gathering of people for the purpose of feasting together.

Over time in the 18th century. Barbecue has become very popular on the southeast coast of the United States. That was the first time that various sauces began to be prepared for meat. The barbecue revolution began in 1897, when Ellsworth B.A. Zwoyer patented the revolutionary coal briquettes.

In 1921, Henry Ford, the founder of the legendary carmaker, was looking for a way to use sawdust and scraps of wood from his factories. He found a solution in the production of charcoal, which became a popular fuel for grilling in the late 1990s and is still used today. At that time, grilling experienced a huge boom and the grills of that time resembled art objects. The grids on which the meat was laid were decorated with various ornaments that were burned into the meat during grilling.

In the 50's, welder George Stephen, an employee of the Weber Brothers Company, made the first closed grill from a part of a buoy and it became absolutely revolutionary. Weber grills immediately became a highly sought-after product. The popularity of grilling continued to grow, and in 1960 the Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company launched the first gas grill, which, despite its higher price, became an absolute hit.

At present, you will find a huge selection of various grills on our market, so barbecue has become a specific and globally popular ritual. It is a great pity, however, that the inventors of the Arawak tribe will never know how much their invention of the first grill grille has affected the whole world and modern gastronomy.

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