Top 3 tips on how to set the Christmas table…

The whole family, often extended family or friends, gather around the table for Christmas Eve dinner. It is one of the m..

The whole family, often extended family or friends, gather around the table for Christmas Eve dinner. It is one of the m...
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The whole family, often extended family or friends, gather around the table for Christmas Eve dinner. It is one of the most festive moments of the year and we all want it to be memorable. After all, it is the culmination of several weeks of preparations, which have included a lot of cleaning, baking sweets and buying presents.

To make the moment truly festive, it takes a beautifully set table, but not everyone can do that. Some have the gift and what they touch looks elegant, others have to work hard to make the result at least acceptable. If you belong to the latter group, don't despair. We'll help you with your festive table setting and have some inspiration for you at the end.

1./ Put a tablecloth on the table, it looks more festive

Tablecloths don't appear on our tables as often as they did in our grandmothers' time, but for festive tables, a white or soft pastel one and a top, decorative tablecloth and napkins are suitable. A paper napkin folded into a triangle is placed under the fork, a linen napkin, simply folded, to the left of the fork. Of course, you can also decorate the napkin and place it in the middle of the plate. Obviously, on a festive table, all the colours should match each other, otherwise it will spoil the final impression.

2./ How to set the dishes

No matter whether it's Christmas dinner or another festive occasion, the dishes on the table should have their proper place. Choose rather monochrome, simple, elegant. Porcelain is very effective. Set the plates as required - either a shallow plate only, or a shallow and deep plate, never putting more than two plates on the table at a time. The distance of the plate from the edge of the table is 2 to 3 centimetres. Cutlery is placed so that the cutlery you need first is on the outside, and those that come last are closest to the plate. On the right side, we put the cutlery for the right hand and vice versa (for example, a fork that will be used as the only cutlery for a particular dish may come on the right.) Dessert cutlery belongs above the plates, handles on the side with which hand we will be eating.

3./ Decorations add the right atmosphere

The right decorations belong on the festive table to give the right Christmas atmosphere. Green conifer branches look very nice. They are flat and the least prickly of all the conifers. Christmas balls and other decorations are also suitable. But place them on the stand so that they cannot be broken accidentally. Luxuriating in shards during Christmas dinner would spoil the atmosphere. Candle holders, vases or an Advent wreath can also serve as decorations. When decorating the table, a simple rule applies - set the table according to your taste, but remember that less is often more. You don't need to buy table settings in the bravos that are fashionable for this season, rather keep things simple and elegant. Red, silver or gold is always appropriate for a Christmas table, and this season's colours are pastels and pinks of all shades.

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