Become a flexitarian - an occasional meat eater...

Quality food and balance are the alpha and omega of good health. If you've been thinking about changing your diet for a..

Quality food and balance are the alpha and omega of good health. If you've been thinking about changing your diet for a...
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Quality food and balance are the alpha and omega of good health. If you've been thinking about changing your diet for a while, become a flexitarian - someone who prefers a plant-based diet but doesn't want to or can't be 100% vegetarian or vegan.

Who is a flexitarian?

People who put health first and eat a mostly plant-based diet. However, they don't want or can't completely eliminate meat from their diet. However, they are very conscious of the origin of animal products and how they are processed. Meat, especially from organic farms, is on their menu about once a week. In a society of partial vegetarians, flexitarians, those who limit meat have been increasing recently.

This is mainly because people are becoming more and more interested in where their food comes from. They don't want to support companies that torture their animals in order to enrich themselves. Flexitarians are investing more money in animal products and seeking information to make sure they are not supporting suffering. The second reason is also the fact that excessive consumption of meat products is not good for the body. It is also important to mention that livestock production puts a very substantial negative strain on the planet.

Increase in plant digesters

According to the Independent, there have been 51% more establishments serving vegan meals in the US alone this year, and a full third more vegan menus since last year. The world is becoming increasingly aware that the overconsumption of animal products is becoming unsustainable. For example, before the Second World War, people were more like today's flexitarians, but after the war the tables were turned and people started to get fat.

But don't you think we're already fed? Some of the changes in the offerings of, for example, supermarkets, have also started to be felt by people who are not very interested in the history of their food. Some stores have already committed to not selling cage eggs, for example, and you will find more and more vegan and vegetarian products on the menu. Today is not at all comparable to 1997, when, as a vegetarian, you could only have a fry-up in a restaurant. The acceleration of this revolution is certainly due to the fact that we are realistically facing the problem of global warming.

How to become a flexitarian?

Being a flexitarian has many benefits and one of them is mainly the reduction of the risk of cancer (colorectal cancer), which is the leading cause of death in the Czech Republic. By being a flexitarian you can reduce your risk of obesity, diabetes and vascular disease by up to 65%. And why do we like animal products so much? It's mainly the spices and sugar that are sprinkled into those products by the pound. But it has long been known that excessive spicing and sugaring is bad for our health Have you ever eaten unseasoned meat or sausage? Spice is like a drug and dulls the human tongue very quickly. The consequence is that you spice more and more or eat more.

Once you switch to a healthy and balanced diet that is not so spicy, after a week or so you will find that the food tastes completely different. The first two weeks can be complicated for you, but it is important to motivate yourself and reward yourself for each day you overcome. Eliminate meat from your diet gradually. At first, cut out cured meats, then red meat until you are on a vegetarian-only diet.

Eat only vegetarian for at least 14 days to give your taste buds time to recover. After this time, slowly start to incorporate meat into your diet, with one exception - pay attention to where your meat comes from. By not investing your hard-earned money in animal suffering and supporting unsustainable farming, you will reap many benefits. Along with your meat, you'll stop consuming antibiotics and stressor hormones, and you'll have a clear conscience. You will also avoid predispositions to serious diseases of civilisation.

Remember: Change begins with each of us, and even a single drop in the ocean can change the world.

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