Top 5 tips for preparing yourself and your children for going back to school…

Holidays full of adventure and fun are coming to an end very quickly. The children will soon hear their first ring and s..

Holidays full of adventure and fun are coming to an end very quickly. The children will soon hear their first ring and s...
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Holidays full of adventure and fun are coming to an end very quickly. The children will soon hear their first ring and sit back on the benches. We will advise you on how best to prepare yourself and the children for the new school year, so that it is not a sudden shock for you.

Buy school supplies in one place

If you want to save a lot of worries, stress and money, plan to buy your school supplies in one place. Choose a store that meets your requirements while offering a wide range of school supplies for young students. You can buy stationery, exercise books, art supplies, backpacks and much more, using the pre-prepared shopping list. There is also the possibility to shop online, and you will save yourself the stress of running around the shopping center. Some companies today also offer ecological school supplies to help you find a better future for your children.

Introduce children to the school environment

For first-graders, entering a new school environment can be a bit stressful, so we recommend that you introduce your child to the school environment in advance. Plan trip with your child around his future educational institution and, if possible, make an appointment with the future teacher. In the school environment, children get to know everything thoroughly to gain confidence and self-confidence.

Set your daily routine together

During the holidays, children get used to a more relaxed regime because they can spend the night, sleep as long as they want and experience a lot of freedom and adventure. However, getting used to getting up early in the morning and being a young student's responsibilities can be difficult for you too. From the middle of August, start getting used to the children and yourself for getting up early and falling asleep early, soon you will all get used to it and it will be even easier for you to start school. Children never want to leave the holiday regime and sometimes they are a bit defiant, so it is good to be consistent and also motivate children enough.

Planning is the foundation of success

Everything has its time and rhythm, and reconciling all members of the household so that it drains nicely in the morning is the basis of success. From mid-August, slowly get used to the daily morning routine. It is ideal to prepare everything you need, such as a snack or lunch in the evening. At the same time, talk about what awaits you the next day and what you can look forward to. Thanks to this, you will be much more confident in what you are doing and you will know what awaits you. It is scientifically proven that planning tasks, for example at a joint dinner, is the basis of success.

School supplies in one place

Together with your student, prepare his children's room so that he can store his school supplies in one place and study will be fun for him. An organized workspace where the child feels motivated and safe is the basis of success - a desk, ergonomic chair, plenty of shelves and cabinets. A small helper can also be a small writing board, where the child can write down all the notes and thanks to that he will not forget anything.

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