Top 5 Great Tips on How to Boost Immunity in the Autumn

A sudden change of weather can be a shock to our bodies. Immunity needs to be cultivated, so start now and create a tita..

A sudden change of weather can be a shock to our bodies. Immunity needs to be cultivated, so start now and create a tita...
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A sudden change of weather can be a shock to our bodies. Immunity needs to be cultivated, so start now and create a titanium shield against all the viruses.

1. Daily hardening

It has a very beneficial effect on our body, but it is necessary to practice it regularly. It is good to harden all year round, but if you are not a master hardener, start slowly. For a start, an ordinary home shower is enough. After each bath, take a cold shower and stay in it for a while. Slowly increase your cold shower time until it's a problem for you. Once you get used to the shower, go for a swim in nature in cold water. It has been scientifically proven that hardening helps prevent colds, flu and sore throats. If you have heart problems or are struggling with a virus, hardening is not recommended.

2. A balanced diet rich in vitamins

The basis of a healthy mind and body is a healthy and regular diet. Give your body a good dose of all the vitamins and minerals the body needs daily. In the colder period, increase the dose of vitamin C, you will find it not only in cabbage, apples, rose hips, but also in other fruits and vegetables that are just ripening. It is good to consume a balanced diet regularly and in reasonable quantities, it is not good to overeat or starve. On cold days, eat warming foods such as ginger, cinnamon and chilli. For example, you should avoid citrus, which can cool your body and make it an easier target for various viruses. It is a good idea to include herbs such as echinacea to boost immunity in your diet, but don't forget to plant the herb after a fortnight for a week so as not to overdose.

3. Regular sport

Many of us have a sedentary job, sitting in the car and sitting at the TV at home. They don't do much during the day and their body suffers as a result. However, regular sports are very important for your body, because it strengthens bones, brings mental well-being, improves the cardiovascular system, reduces body fat, and increases immunity. Find a sport that suits your physical condition and exercise regularly, stretch and go for walks. In just a week of regular exercise, you will feel the difference on your "own skin".

4. Mental well-being and meditation

Regular stress and poor quality will soon affect your health. It can start with insomnia and continue with depression, until you eventually become ill with a serious illness. Treat yourself to at least eight hours of sleep each day and go to bed regularly. Before going to bed, avoid computers and mobile phones whose radiation will deprive you of several hours of sleep. Every day, find at least 20 minutes for your meditation, which will pleasantly relax you, get you into the inner center and charge you with a pleasant harmonic energy. Also, don't forget to breathe deeply while meditating, this will also oxygenate your body and get you into inner well-being. Avoid "toxic" people, thoughts and the environment.

5. Detoxification

Sometimes we need to help your body to detoxify.. It is good to do a little detox each season. Leave everything toxic in your life, such as alcohol, cigarettes, meat, semi-finished products, sweet drinks, stress, toxic environments, for at least a week. Rest well, drop off your mobile device, breathe fresh air and supply your body with a good dose of vitamins. If you dare to try a higher level of detoxification, try fasting. Regular fasting helps rid our body of toxic substances that prevent it from regenerating. Do not return to dumplings and cabbage immediately after fasting. Instead, have a quality vegetable broth or steamed vegetables. Fasting is good to train, you can start drinking only vegetable and fruit juices until you finally switch to mineral water. It's definitely not a good idea to shock your body by suddenly stop eating for a week. When fasting, it is good to drink at least three liters of water a day.

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