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Macrobiotics is not just about food, but about a lifestyle that comes from Tibet and China. If you want to improve your ..

Macrobiotics is not just about food, but about a lifestyle that comes from Tibet and China. If you want to improve your ...
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Macrobiotics is not just about food, but about a lifestyle that comes from Tibet and China. If you want to improve your health and understand the laws of nature, immerse yourself in the secrets of this philosophy, which is based on the principles of Yin and Yang and the theory of the five elements.

Why is food so important?

Food is the "fuel" for our body, which we must replenish several times a day. That is why it is important to realize how various natural and processed foods and delicacies affect us, especially which foods benefit us and which are harmful to our health. According to the principles of the macrobiotic diet, it is very important to perceive whether food cools or warms us, gives us expanding energy - rising or contracting, whether it is easily digestible and regulated for our body. All foods should be grown in the climate zone in which you live. At the same time, macrobiotics teaches us how to enrich our lives and how to improve our health. Everything is based on the recognition of food and its characteristic properties and quality.

Yin and Yang balance as a basic idea

Macrobiotics balances the energy of the Earth with the energy of man and divides food into two groups - Yin and Yang. Each food contains both of these groups, but always one dominates. The characters Yin and Yang are terms that express the character of poles that are in opposition to each other, but at the same time forming one whole. If these two groups get into an imbalance, the disease arises. The basis of consuming the right group of food is to realize how food affects you.

Excessive dietary imbalance depletes the body and makes us age faster. The whole world is made up of unity and a mutual struggle of opposites that need to be understood. Balancing this principle will help us understand the understanding of things and events around us, including the processes, relationships, and bonds that function in our body. With the help of macrobiotic principles, a person knows how a food affects him, he knows himself how he feels.

Jin food

It is a rather feminine, cold, slow energy, graphically represented as a minus. This group includes so-called cooling foods, which grow mainly in the warm season and do not require heat treatment.

Exotic fruit
Ice cream

Jang food

A set of rather masculine characters, fast, energetically strong, light, which is graphically represented as a plus. These foods heat up strongly and it is important to limit their consumption as much as possible. Every meal is consumed slowly and needs to be chewed very well. If you want to start with macrobiotics, you should do it slowly so that the body can get used to the macrobiotic diet.

Red meat
Cold cuts
Baked and fried food

Neutral food

Neutral and balanced foods, which should be the basis of our diet.

Whole grain cereals

Principles of macrobiotics

The basic principle of this diet is a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, legumes and cereals. Consumption of meat, eggs and refined foods is significantly limited. Do not confuse macrobiotics with vegetarianism, because eating meat is not strictly forbidden. For example, if you have a heavy steak, you should balance the energy supply of yang with the energy supply of yin - fresh vegetables.

Give this philosophy a chance, you will experience the miracle of being well, like an estimated million macrobiotics who have become semi-vegetarians for health reasons, have gained more energy and feel vital.

Macrobiotic Bowl

Macrobiotic Bowl

Healthy and rich food playing with all colors.

Fresh and healtly Buddha bowl

Fresh and healtly Buddha bowl

This buddha bowl recipe is super fresh, delicious and versatile!

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