5 tips to help children develop a healthy habit of eating vegetables and fruit...

Some kids eat vegetables and fruit on their own, but some you have to motivate. If putting cheerful vegetable characters..

Some kids eat vegetables and fruit on their own, but some you have to motivate. If putting cheerful vegetable characters...
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Some kids eat vegetables and fruit on their own, but some you have to motivate. If putting cheerful vegetable characters on the plate doesn't help, try one of our tips - how to build a relationship with healthy, wholesome eating in children.

Set an example for your children

Children most often copy our habits, so it is very important to set an example. We cannot ask our children to eat vegetables and fruit when you yourself are neglecting them. Once the child sees that your plate is playing with all the colours, it won't be long before he or she wants a taste. About 270 grams of vegetables and 130 grams of fruit should be eaten daily. Spread the recommended daily allowance of vitamins around and add vegetables to meals that children like.

Educate your children

You can also get your children interested in vegetables and fruit by showing them where they come from and what they look like in their natural form. During harvest time, plan a family trip to the allotment and give your children the experience of pulling carrots or beetroots out of the ground. It will certainly be a great experience for the children and they will love to eat fresh vegetables afterwards.

The earlier you start the better

Healthy habits should be cultivated at an early age. Start giving them snacks and porridge made from vegetables and fruit from a young age. Children's tastes change and they may find some varieties too aromatic, so don't despair and don't force them into anything. If they don't like a particular type too much, try again in a year's time. Let children get used to having healthy vegetables at every meal and fruit instead of sweets.

Have plenty of patience

With some children it is very challenging to manage, but if you learn to be assertive you will definitely gain by it. Start communicating properly with your kids and instead of giving them strict orders, try offering them two choices of vegetables or fruits. As one of the options, choose a type that you clearly know the child does not like at the moment. The child is always guaranteed to choose one of the options, to get a sense of ownership and not to think that you are forcing them into something. The right question or sentence is essentially the basis of good communication. You will also appreciate some of these principles in the company of adults.

Always available

Children are very active and often need a bite to eat after playing or watching TV. If you keep vegetables and fruits at home instead of biscuits, it's clear what children will reach for on their own. Create a healthy environment full of vitamins for your children.

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