Top 5 tips for spring detox - give the body time to regenerate…

The spring should be traditionally associated with detoxification of the organism. At least once a year, we should take ..

The spring should be traditionally associated with detoxification of the organism. At least once a year, we should take ...
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The spring should be traditionally associated with detoxification of the organism. At least once a year, we should take time for the body to regenerate. Do you want to be vital and full of optimism? Try this very enjoyable ritual that will change the way you look at the world.

Herbal teas

Herbs are literally the gold of nature, they have a beneficial effect on a wide range of diseases and at the same time help us get rid of toxins. Tear off your early nettles and treat your body to an intense cleansing peel. When picking all the herbs, pay attention to where you are picking the plants, it is definitely not a good idea by the road. At the same time, treat herbs with care and respect. In addition to nettle, very effective metabolic herbs include dandelion, chicory, burdock root, rhizome and powdery mildew, all of which can be combined in various ways. The best thing to do is to use fresh herbs, because spring itself is a symbol of freshness and freshness.

A special chapter is the spring cleansing of the liver. While the kidneys belong to winter according to traditional Chinese medicine, in the spring we should pay attention to the liver and gallbladder circuit. The wonderful herbs of milk thistle (preferably in oil form) and schizandra (Chinese clove powder) help to cleanse the liver.


You don't have to worry, because fasting can also be trained. There is talk everywhere about the need to eat constantly. However, almost nowhere is it stated that due to the fact that we are still eating, our body does not manage to break down toxins. Regular fasting will give your body time to revitalize and deal with everything that does not belong to it. You don't have to last three days for the first time. Follow in small steps. You can prepare for fasting by gradually simplifying your diet until you get either light vegetable broths or vegetables and fruits in raw form.

Diet based on vegetables

Try surviving a few weeks on a live diet. A high amount of raw, stewed, cooked and fermented vegetables will supply your body with the necessary nutrients and the fiber will cleanse you beautifully. While eating this style, we should omit meat, animal fat and sweets. In addition, with a vegetarian diet, we feel more energy, because the body does not use it as much for digestion as in the case of animal protein from meat. You will feel fit, full of joy and optimism, and thanks to that you will better overcome the obstacles of life.

Výplach střev

Přívrženci a odpůrci této detoxikační techniky se nemohou vůbec shodnou. V našich střevech se hromadí zbytky všeho co za rok zkonzumujete. Tyto toxické látky jsou složeny z různých toxických usazenin, chemikálií, bakterií, patogenních virů, plísní a podobně. Zní to jako z hororu, ale je důležité si přiznat, že je to ve vašich střevech. Vyhnout se těmto usazeninám se prakticky nelze, jde však o to, aby obsah našich střev byl takto kontaminován co nejméně, resp. aby zde ty „špatné“ mikroorganismy nezískaly převahu nad těmi „dobrými“ a užitečnými.


Duševní zdraví jde ruku v ruce se stavem našeho těla. Stejně jako pečujeme o své tělo, tak bychom to měli dělat s naší myslí. Cíl je jednoduchý - navození vnitřního klidu a balancu. Pokud se vám podaří díky pravidelné meditaci tohoto cíle dosáhnout, měli byste se velmi ocenit, protože díky duševní rovnováze zvládnete v životě snad úplně všechno. Meditace nám může pomoci zbavit se bolestí a strachů a díky ní začneme život znovu žít. Na přetíženou psychiku je tato prastará technika hotový balzám na duši. Je vůbec v životě nutné brát antidepresiva?

Intestinal lavage

Proponents and opponents of this detoxification technique cannot agree at all. The remains of everything you consume in a year accumulate in our intestines. These toxic substances are composed of various toxic deposits, chemicals, bacteria, pathogenic viruses, fungi and the like. It sounds like a horror movie, but it's important to admit it's in your gut. It is practically impossible to avoid these deposits, but it is important that the contents of our intestines are contaminated as little as possible, resp. so that the "bad" microorganisms do not gain the upper hand over the "good" and useful ones.


Mental health goes hand in hand with the condition of our body. Just as we take care of our body, so we should do it with our minds. The goal is simple - to induce inner peace and balance. If you manage to achieve this goal through regular meditation, you should be very appreciated, because thanks to mental balance, you will be able to manage everything in life. Meditation can help us get rid of pain and fear, and thanks to it we will start living life again. For an overloaded psyche, this ancient technique is a finished balm for the soul. Is it necessary to take antidepressants in life at all?

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