A few tips for a stylish festive table…

Be inspired by our tips and turn dull dining into an exceptional not only culinary experience. Get ready for thanksgivin..

Be inspired by our tips and turn dull dining into an exceptional not only culinary experience. Get ready for thanksgivin...
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Be inspired by our tips and turn dull dining into an exceptional not only culinary experience. Get ready for thanksgiving day. Enjoy pleasant evenings at home with family and friends.


We can't imagine a thanksgiving table without a candle flame. Get some stylish vintage candlestick somewhere on the bazaar, which can be the dominant feature of the table. The cozy atmosphere is complemented by a vase full of flowers. The key is to match colors beautifully together, use a natural color palette and avoid combinations of more than three colors. Less means more, so it's a good idea not to overdo it with combining patterns and materials. When buying accessories, look at what materials they are made, natural materials and timeless design will last you for ages and you will not have to invest in new accessories every year. Materials such as copper, porcelain and silk will stand out beautifully on the thanksgiving table.


Most often they are glasses of wine, water and possibly liqueur. You can place them next to each other or in the shape of a triangle, there are no limits to creativity on the table. Remember that a different type of glass is used for each type of wine, while red ones belong to wider glasses to develop its aroma. Narrow glasses with a long neck are ideal for sparkling wines and sparkling wines.

Plates are the basis

From beautiful plates food tastes better and quality dishes are the basis of every feast. Timeless ceramic dishes are gaining more and more prominence. Traditional white porcelain should be the basic equipment of every kitchen. You will complement the festive atmosphere with a service with gold or silver details. The best thing to do first on the table is a textile napkin, which lies on the table throughout the dining period and on which the individual dishes served on a plate are placed. For the festive menu, you need at least four types of plates.

Polished cutlery

Depending on how many courses you will serve, you will choose suitable cutlery. If you do not know how to put the cutlery, remember this simple rule. The cutlery should be about half a cm apart, depending on how they go. The farthest from the plate are the cutlery, which is the first. And because the sweetest belongs to the end, the cutlery for dessert has its specific place above the plate, the fork points to the right, the dessert spoon is placed in reverse.

It's all about details

One of the other necessities that should definitely not be missing on the table are a tray for serving Christmas cookies and a cooling container for sparkling wines. If you don't want bubbles to run out of your wine, also get original wine caps, which also function as effective decorations. For serving canapés or appetizers, prepare original serving such as slate trays and tropical wood trays.

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